To reduce the total cost of low enthalpy geothermal systems by 20-30 %, the project will improve actual drilling/installation technologies and designs of Ground Source Heat Exchangers (GSHE’s).

Objective Description

  1. Development of thematic geological maps at municipal level
  2. Improvement of drilling and GSHE technologies from a design, material and installation machine perspective
  3. Development and availability via web of a combined GSHE and heat pump modeling software
  4. Construction of a decision support tool in order to identify the best shallow geothermal system
  5. Development and demonstration of a two-stage heat pump for higher temperatures
  6. Demonstration of the developments in 6 different real case studies and 9 virtual case studies
  7. Provision of a solid and large basis for implementation of low enthalpy geothermal systems in Europe
  8. Construction of an exploitation platform with business models, and interaction with the key partners of the winning projects on the other renewable energy technologies inside the topic “LCE 3 – 2014/2015: Demonstration of renewable electricity and heating/cooling technologies”.
  9. Recommendations for the harmonisation of standardisations, regulations and authorisations
work plan

WP 1 – Geological mapping, climatic data and energy requirements

WP Leader:  UNIPD1

Participants: isacUNIPDlogo-red_final1Energesis1FAUŚ1CRES1PIETRE1SLR1Geo-Green1SUPSI1UNESCO1

WP 2 – Helicoidal GSHE and drilling machine development

WP Leader: FAUŚ1

Participants:  logo-red_final1REHAU1Geo-Green1HYDRA1UNIPD1

WP 3 – Coaxial GSHE and installation machine development

WP Leader: logo-red_final1

Participants:  isacCRES1UNIPD1Energesis1REHAU1FAUŚ1HYDRA1galletti1Geo-Green1

WP 4 – Software and modelling tools for low enthalpy geothermal systems and heat pump developments

WP Leader: galletti1

Participants:  ANER1Energesis1UNIPD1itclogo-red_final1

WP 5 – Decision Support Tool Development

WP Leader:  Tecnalia1

Participants:  FAUŚ1logo-red_final1itcgalletti1Energesis1ANER1UNIPD1

WP 6 – Demonstration cases and scenario’s.

WP Leader: CRES1

Participants:UNIPD1  SLR1FAUŚ1UNESCO1HYDRA1Geo-Green1REHAU1PIETRE1logo-red_final1isacgalletti1Energesis1

WP Leader: SLR1

Participants:  CRES1isaccnrTecnalia1

WP Leader: Energesis1

Participants:  UNIPD1logo-red_final1galletti1Tecnalia1REHAU1HYDRA1SLR1Geo-Green1PIETRE1cnr

WP Leader: RGS1

Participant: Doina Cucueteanu FSIGN

WP Leader: Adriana Bernardi

Participants: cnr isac