Info regarding the European Geothermal Congress

Info regarding the European Geothermal Congress – Strasbourg (France), Sept. 19-23, 2016

During the congress, the partners from the Cheap-GSHPs consortium presented the following posters and papers:


Authors: Maria Papachristou, Dimitrios Mendrinos, Paschalis Dalampakis Apostolos Arvanitis, Constantine Karytsas, Nikos Andritsos

Title: Geothermal Energy Use, Country Update for Greece

Keynote S2

Authors: Thomas Reinsch, Ernst Huenges, David Bruhn, Ingolfur Thorbjörnsson, Robert Gavriliuc, Jan Diederik van Wees

Title: Geothermal R&D, new projects and perspectives for applied as well as basic scientific research


Authors: Dimitrios Mendrinos, Spyridon Katsantonis, Constantine Karytsas

Title: Pipe materials for borehole heat exchangers


Authors: Galgaro, A., Dalla Santa, G., Cola, S., Tateo, F.

Title: Environmental hazards due to extreme thermal stress induced by borehole heat exchangers


Authors: Antonio G., Bernardi, A., Bertermann D., Bison, P., de Carli, M., di Tuccio, M., Cultrera, M., di Sipio, E., Emmi, G., Graci, S., Zarella, A., Mezzasalma, G., Pokele, L., Muller, J., O’Neil, N.

Title: CHEAP and safe, an European Project for cheaper and safer low enthalpy geothermal applications. A geological context point of view

The poster presenting the “Geothermal Energy Use, Country Update for Greece” contains reference to the “Bioclimatic office building of CRES” – a real demo site which will be developed due to the “Cheap-GSHPs” project.

A poster presenting the Cheap-GSHPs Project was also displayed in the poster session.