National Workshop and Training Course in Italy

A three days workshop was held in Ferrara at the premises of the Castello Estense in Ferrara from 11th to 13th December 2018 where the results of the project Cheap-GSHPs was presented.
The event was focused on the application of the innovations of the project to Historical Buildings. It was structured in three sessions encompassing:

  1. a case-based introduction on sustainable energy governance principles and practices;
  2. presentation of the most advanced and innovative shallow geothermal solutions applied to historical buildings (EU project Cheap-GSHPs) along with a specific Decision Support System (DSS) software tool, to be interactively tested;
  3. an highlight of the best state of art environmental and energy certification for Historical buildings based on GBC Historic Building™, protocol along with a guided infield visit to certified historical buildings of Ferrara.

With its interdisciplinary approach, the workshop targeted conservators, heritage managers and practitioners, green building and construction chain industry professionals, that were asked to master new capacities and knowledge on how energy-environmental issues and compatible renewable energy solutions, based on a mix of existing and new technologies, can be compatible with heritage values and functional to their preservation.