The project case studies are essential for Cheap-GSHPs, as they will highly contribute to validate the new technologies at real scale. On the other side, the selected cities and small districts would become good practice examples to promote the overall use of Cheap-GSHPs technologies all over Europe and beyond. The main criteria for the selection of the cities have been:

  • To represent different European areas (North, South, West and East), as well as different climate conditions;
  • To belong to different historic periods, different materials and architectural and urban patterns;
  • To be strategically placed in Europe so that they could contribute to the widespread use of Cheap-GSHPs technologies in Europe and Associated countries.

In Cheap-GSHPs project, one real and two virtual demonstration cases, in particularly notable cultural-historical building belonging to UNESCO heritage, will be provided to test the innovative solutions. The demonstration sites will be a concrete proof of the ability to integrate these technologies in cultural sites and will highlight how the innovative shallow geothermal heat exchangers applications may successful overpass conservational constraints and barriers to geothermal power application in cultural sites.

Next to real case studies, also virtual demonstration sites will be studied. Instead of real installations, the performance of the innovative solutions will be modeled and simulated to infer their evaluation in other climate zones and different ground conditions. This will allow to have a larger scenario of applicability and efficiency of the new technologies and systems.

All these virtual case studies will also facilitate the comparison in terms of economic feasibility.

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