UNESCO and CNR-ISAC on a joint mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina and to Croatia

On 17-20 May 2016, the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe and CNR-ISAC carried out a mission to Zagreb, Croatia, and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,to interface with the User Committees of 2 out of 3 venues selected as demonstrators of the Cheap-GSHPs project solutions: the Technical Museumin Zagreb (real case) and the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo (virtual).

UNESCOis in charge of conducting one real demonstration and two assessment studies in cooperation with the technical experts of the project. The former is focused on the Technical museum in Zagrebwhile the latter concerns BodjaniMonastery in Serbia and the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina is of considerable historical and cultural value in the urban townscape. It was designated as a national monument and erected during the period 1959-1965, characterized by the development of the modern architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina.The breaking-the-ice meeting organized by the Antenna in Sarajevo, operating under the UNESCO Regional Bureau, was of primary importance to pave the way to further cooperate and advance with the CHEAP-GSHPs project’s work plan on site. Dedicated institutional meetingswere organized with the Director of the Historical Museum, the Secretary-General of the National Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina for UNESCO, the Personal Adviser to the Minister of Education, Science and Culture of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and, the Commission for the Conservation of National Monuments.
The authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovinaexpressed a genuine interest towards the activities conducted by the CHEAP-GSHPs initiative and openness to cooperate and institutionally support current and future endeavours to turn the virtual case into a real one.

In clockwise order:  Sinisa Sesum, Head of Antennain Sarajevo, UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe; Davide Poletto, Project Officer, UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe;BiljanaCamul, BiH Secretary-General, National Commission for UNESCO ;  Ivica Saric, Adviser to the Minister of Education, Science and Culture; Luc Pockelé, Head of RED srl; Adriana Bernardi, CHEAP -GSHPs Project Coordinator (CNR-ISAC); and, Giulia Mezzasalma RED srl.

As far as the real case study related to the Technical Museum in Zagreb is concerned, aset of geological material derived from the coring activities in the neighbouring area of the museum, precisely the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture at the University of Zagreb,was collected and handed over to the CHEAP-GSHPs project team. The material, provided by Prof. Soldo, member of the Croatian-based User Committee, is of significant importance to the demonstration phase, since further analysis on its thermo-conductivity properties will lead to a more precise understanding of the in-the-nearby underground and of the degree of exploitation of its geothermal potentiality.
Moreover, due to on-going renovation in the exhibition area of the Museum, where CHEAP-GSHPs applications are supposed to take place, a better insight into the underlying structure was possible, allowing for a more thorough analysis by a joint team of technicians from CHEAP-GSHPs, the University of Zagreb and the Museum. The Director of the Museum is committed to advance with the real case in house and fully engaged in moving ahead as soon as the preliminary technical analysis is completed. Upon the suggestion of the team, the Technical Museum of Zagreb welcomed the idea of displaying Cheap-GSHPs solution as one of the possible technical contribution to green energy, becoming a component of educational and informative activities conducted by the Museum in its renewable energy and energy efficiency exhibition room with a tangible and long term project visibility and awareness impact on the public.

Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo

Cheap-GSHPs project team and Users Committee members assessing the Technical Museum of Zagreb

Cheap-GSHPs project team and Users Committee members assessing the external settings of the Technical Museum of Zagreb

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