Definition of Standardized Energy Profiles for Heating and Cooling of Buildings

This scientific paper – presented at the session SS 37 “Building Performance” during the CLIMA 2016 Congress in Aalborg (Denmark) – synthesises the results of one the Cheap-GSHPs project tasks.

The paper highlights a database, assembling according to energy profile a certain amount of buildings representative for the typology (single family houses, block of flats, office buildings) with different insulation levels and in different climatic conditions. According to weather analysis among European climatic files, twenty locations have been considered. For each location, the overall energy amount and the hourly and monthly energy profiles for heating and cooling (sensible and latent) have been calculated. The correlations with Degree Days (DD) 2 for heating and cooling have been found, in order to generalize the results aiming to have pre-calculated profiles for sizing GSHPs.

Residential Buildings

Non-Residentail Buildings

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